Info harga modem GSM/CDMA terbaru:


Modem ZTE MF683 Speed 42Mbps Rp 370.000
Vodafone K5005 up to 100Mbps Rp 725.000

Modem Huawei E353 MoldCell HiLiNk Rp 300.500
ZTE MF70 Modem + Wifi 21.6Mbps Rp 420.000
Modem ZTE MF691 Speed 21Mbps Rp 290.000

Modem ZTE MF656 14Mbps logo VOILA Rp 235.000

Modem Huawei E176 logo HUAWEI Rp 240.000
Modem Huawei E1752 Rp 245.000
Modem Huawei E171 Rp 240.000
Modem GSM Huawei K3715 Rp 245.000
Modem GSM Huawei E160 Rp 240.000
Modem ZTE MF636 Rp 220.000
Modem GSM Huawei E173 orange Rp 235.000
Modem Huawei E510 Rp 230.000
USB Modem HSDPA Huawei E169 Rp 225.000


Modem CDMA evdo Smartfren EC176-2 Rp 285.000
Smartfren EC306-2 EVDO Rev.B Rp 495.000
AirFlash USB modem EVDO Rp 160.000
Smartfren Haier CE81B EVDO Rev.B LOCK Rp 360.000

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